Japan Intercultural Intelligence

We are an organization with the vision to realize “cultural synergy” through fostering diversity.

What is “cultural synergy” ?

People with different roots live in the same society, maintaining the uniqueness of their culture and enjoying the amazing part of each other’s culture, so that we together create a diverse society where diverse people can get along well with each other peacefully.

We aim to create the place for people with different roots to meet, interact and communicate with each other.

We wish such places will contribute to create new values to our society.

Foreigners living in Japan, such as foreign students, foreigners married to Japanese, foreigners working in Japan, immigrants to Japan, with diverse languages, cultural background and social system, have to get used to the social convention, economic condition, values and regulations in Japan. In the process, foreigners may face different concerns, upsets and difficulties.

It is still not easy to get access to social and administrative service information in Japan for foreigners. Only limited reliable consultation services are available to foreigners and communication with Japanese is not active enough yet.

We are trying to solve those problems by supporting foreigners to smoothly become a part of Japanese society from various perspectives.

The essence of internationality is not only about language ability, but about how you can sympathize with diverse values and thoughts, and how you communicate with different people.

In Japan, in the business world globalization is an inevitable trend, whereas in our daily life, not all people feel comfortable to get along with foreigners.

Our values and the way we deal with people have been established since we were young. In Japan, people grow up in a single culture society and the chance for Japanese to learn the knowledge and skill to enjoy multicultural society by experiencing a multicultural environment had not been in place in the past.

We believe when Japanese culture meets diverse culture from all over the world, something amazing that could not have happened in a single culture society will happen.

When talking about different cultures, people tend to focus on the “difference”. But we believe that in order to create a peaceful multicultural society, “We are all the same” should be the basis.

We aim to leverage the diverse sense, ideas and insights of people from different roots to create new values. Not only limited to foreigner community, we aim to promote the participation from Japanese who are keen on this issue. We organize events through which we draw people’s attention to think about this issue and to deepen the understanding of multicultural societies.

We aim to solve the issues through the following aspects.

  • Eliminating
    the Gap
    We aim to eliminate the cultural, social and educational gap among people living in the same society.
  • Getting familiarBy providing the place for people with different roots to get familiar with each other, we aim to reduce misunderstanding and prejudice as well as foster diversity among individuals in our society.
  • CooperationWe approach to various stakeholders, gather the wisdom of “cultural synergy”, and create new public, cultural and economic values that make use of diversity.

Our business

Services for individuals

  • Consultation and Information
  • Kyousei Lab

Services for corporates

  • Support recruitment and retention of foreign employees
  • Consultation for foreign employees
  • Training and workshop for foreign employees
  • Consulting services for leading organizational change by leveraging foreign employees’ ability

Services for educational organizations

  • Program to support foreign students to find jobs in Japan

About us

Organization name
Japan Intercultural Intelligence(JII)
Representative Director
19 October 2010
〒153-0064 東京都目黒区下目黒5-27-5
Our activities
  • Consultation services for foreigners, providing information and other related support services
  • Recruitment, career and training services for foreign students
  • Training, staffing and recruitment services for corporates and universities.
  • Organizing events to promote cultural synergy
  • Publishing and translation of related information

News Release

  • 2019/12/02【受賞】19.12.02 公益財団法人日本ユースリーダー協会による第11回「若者力大賞」ユースリーダー支援賞団体部門を受賞しました
  • 2019/09/18【更新】19.09.18 「おとなりさん・ファミリーフレンド・プログラム」ページを公開しました
  • 2019/04/09【メディア掲載】19.4.3 一般社団法人ソーシャル・ジャパンのホームページにてご紹介頂きました。https://social-japan.watch/group/j-ii/
  • 2019/03/25【メディア掲載】19.3.22内閣府地方創生カレッジ「連携・交流ひろば」に紹介されましたhttps://www.chihousousei-hiroba.jp/about.html
  • 2019/02/28【メディア掲載】19.02.20 毎日新聞朝刊にNPOの活動が紹介されました https://mainichi.jp/articles/20190220/ddm/016/040/009000c
  • 2018/11/05【リリース情報】12月2日に家族ダイバシティ「見て、感じて、みんなの家族」即興劇講演を開催します
  • 2018/09/20【メディア掲載】2018.09.20 目黒経済新聞に「子育てはなぞときシリーズ」講演と相談会が掲載されました
  • 2018/09/032018.8.7 平成30年度東京都「在住外国人支援助成事業」対象事業に認定されました
  • 2018/07/06【メディア掲載】2018.7.2 東京都国際交流委員会デジタルメディア「れすぱす」7月号の「クローズアップ」に東京都外国人支援団体として紹介されました
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