For international students, there are many barriers to work in Japan.
I have been a former international student and have worked for Japanese companies for many years. I had worked as an HR consultant for Japanese leading companies for many years and I have always been thinking about how Japanese companies can more fully leverage the ability of foreign students.
I strongly believe Japanese companies should change how they see foreign students. And foreign students should also consider their career path from more long-term perspective. In order to fill the gap between Japanese companies and foreign students, career support is needed.
Our career support service for matching foreign students with Japanese companies, MIKATA, is designed to achieve this goal.

What is MIKATA

MIKATA aims to connect foreign students with Japanese companies in a true sense. We aim to help Japanese companies to fully make use of the ability of foreign students. For foreign students, we help them enhance the skill to work in Japanese companies, and assess their potential and ability using our own methodology. For Japanese companies who are trying to recruit global talents, we provide detailed foreign students information for them to find the right talents. We act as the “translator” between companies and students to help with communication and build trust relationship. We also follow up on the retention after the initial recruitment activity.

Know more about MIKATA

Why you should choose MIKATA

  • We have our unique assessment tool that can assess your characteristics, potential and strength objectively.
  • Our program is customized for and focused on foreign students in Japan. We understand your concerns and we know the solution to it.
  • Practical interview techniques including how to use Keigo, general manners for job interviews in Japan, how to manage your impression to interviewers, and how to answer questions.
  • We make your career vision clear through professional coaching.
  • Our coaches are professionals with deep insights of Japanese corporations and long experience of supporting foreign students’ recruitment.
  • We stand on the corporate recruitment team’s mid to long-term perspective to analyze companies’ needs, deepen you understanding of their business and extend your horizon.
  • We explain to you how the HR system of Japanese companies works and the social background of it.
  • We use the methods that are used in the real business world so that you will gain the necessary skill naturally for your future career.
  • We provide information to companies who are actively recruiting foreign students to promote interactive communication.
Example of our programs

Our Fee

One on one course

Basic course(6 sessions 16 hours)
¥‎90,000 –
Advanced course(2 sessions 6 hours)
¥‎30,000 –

Group workshop

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